JustMyNeighbors: Hello neighbor.

  • Questions? Email support@justmyneighbors.com

JustMyNeighbors is a neighbor to neighbor network.

Simple: Who are your neighbors? In JMN your neighbors are the people that live near you–within 1,000 feet of you. This Neighbors Without Borders design means your neighbors are always in your neighborhood.

Other neighborhood sites define neighborhoods with borders. Where there is a border there is someone on one side and someone on the other.

Easy: Simply email neighbors@justmyneighbors.com and messages go to your neighbors. Include images and documents.

Secure: Street and email addresses are never revealed. People are known by their first name and street, like “Jane on Woodruff.”

Private: JMN is a Privacy First Service. JMN doesn’t sell data and collects only what is needed to run the service.

There's a community calendar too.

And it's free.

Learn more:

Migrating from Yahoo Groups

Have you heard that Yahoo Groups is shutting down?

Let us help you bring your group to JustMyNeighbors.

We will make it easy for you. Just contact support@justmyneighbors.com and we will work with you to get your neighborhood migrated to JMN.

Why JustMyNeighbors?

  • JMN has only one purpose: facilitating neighborhood communication. We've been helping neighbors communicate for over 10 years.

  • Privacy: You are not the product at JustMyNeighbors (unlike Google Groups). JMN only collects the information needed to run the service and we promise to never share that information.

  • Privacy: JMN never exposes your email address (unlike Yahoo Groups). And your home address is never exposed, either (unlike Next Door).

  • Convenience: Post messages via email (unlike Next Door). Include images and attachments. No need to install an app. You already have the app – it's called "mail."

The first step is to contact us at support@justmyneighbors.com