JustMyNeighbors: Hello neighbor.


Hello everyone,

JustMyNeighbors is shutdown. Below is a copy of the shutdown announcement email.

If you have questions or want to reminisce about JustMyNeighbors, email justmyneighbors@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest and past participation.

-Kelly and Jane

Important: don't reply to this email if you want to reach me. Instead email support@justmyneighbors.com.

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all well.

We have decided to shut down the JustMyNeighbors service.

We started JustMyNeighbors over 12 years ago. Initially we called it Woodruffians (named after our street), but always planned to make the service available to all of Oakland and beyond.

We thought we could create a better neighborhood list. One that connected you to your actual neighbors. One that helped build community while protecting privacy. One without the need for administrators or moderators.

It was philanthropic-we paid for the services and servers, and donated our time to develop it because we believe that strong communities are important in this digital world we live in.

We had steady growth for a few years. We met wonderful people. Then NextDoor showed up. Since then growth has been very slow.

Our very own neighborhood, Glenview, when forced to leave Yahoo Groups opted to go with a generic, non-neighborhood specific mailing list service, groups.io. The new groups.io Glenfriends already includes people that don't live in Glenview, and shares everyone's email addresses. 🤷

Thanks to everyone that gave JustMyNeighbors a try, especially the people on our block that have stuck with JustMyNeighbors now for over 12 years. And there are many long term supporters out there (you know who you are) - thank you.

A few words about the shutdown process.

Our privacy policy states that we will not share your information and we won't. When the system is turned off we will delete the database and all messages, home addresses and emails will be gone.

No new registrations will be allowed after today.

We plan to pull the plug on June 30th. After that emails will no longer be forwarded and you will not be able to sign in to the web site.

If you have a group on JustMyNeighbors, we recommend you move that group to Groups.io.

If JMN is your only neighborhood mailing list service, you might consider registering on NextDoor.

If you have questions, please send email to support@justmyneighbors.com.

Be well.