JustMyNeighbors: Hello neighbor.


Exchanging Messages With Your Neighbors

JustMyNeighbors is a free service that allows you to exchange messages and schedule events with your neighbors. It uses a simple concept to decide who sees your messages and who's messages you see— distance. You can learn more about JustMyNeighbors' distance based neighborhood messaging in features.


This service is brought to you by Jane Macfarlane and Kelly Felkins. We are computer professionals with years of experience and a passion for community.

And we get a lot of help from our neighbors.

Our History

The idea for JustMyNeighbors developed at various neighborhood gatherings where sooner or later someone would say “Why don’t we set up a web site?”

We worked out the concepts and features of the site while walking our dogs on the trails of Redwood Park in the Oakland hills.

The barely functional site opened to the public on February 23, 2009 at 1:08am. Initially we called it Woodruffians after our street (Woodruff Avenue), but we always thought the concepts would be valuable beyond our street. We changed the name of the service to JustMyNeighbors in May 2010 and started promoting it throughout Oakland.

Picture of Kelly and Jane