JustMyNeighbors: Hello neighbor.

JustMyNeighbors Compared to Other Services

Google Groups️™️

Google Groups is not a neighborhood platform. Google Groups does not know your address and therefore can't deliver services based on location. Google Groups are membership based, with no specific features for neighborhoods.

If you want a group that includes people in your neighborhood, someone has to be the gatekeeper. That's a difficult, thankless job. More often than not, group administrators let anyone in that shows interest. For large groups this can mean a substantial population that is outside of the area, and with that, list-interactions that go off the rails.

Google is known to mine user provided content to target ads.

Google has a history of rolling out services and taking them away if they don't achieve market dominance.


Groups.io is passionate about groups, as their site says.

Unfortunately, they are not passionate about neighborhoods. Like Google Groups, Groups.io is membership based, with the same challenges in maintaining a group of people in one area.

As an example, take a look at their find a group page. As of this writing there are 22,000 groups listed. How would you find groups active in your area?

Groups.io also shares your email address with the group. This can lead to unwanted side conversations that cannot easily be blocked.


Nextdoor knows your address and provides a variety of features based on location. It's a true neighborhood platform.

Unfortunately Nextdoor sometimes reveals your home address on maps.

Nextdoor is highly motivated to generate returns for its investors. According to this crunchbase article, Nextdoor has raised over $450M.

This can lead to practices designed to generate traffic and advertising revenue at the expense of the best experience for neighbors. By default, people are added to collections of neighborhoods generating frequent messages that are of little value because they originate from people far away. And you can't create a new post via email on Nextdoor–you must visit the web site.


JustMyNeighbors is a true neighborhood platform. JustMyNeighbors uses your home address to provide location based features.

JustMyNeighbors is designed to connect you with your neighbors while protecting your privacy. Messages never reveal the senders actual email or home address. Every participant gets a JMN email address that can only be used by people that live near that participant. It's easy for participants to block specific senders from sending to their JMN email.

When you provide your address to JustMyNeighbors, it puts you in the appropriate neighborhood and allows you to join neighboring neighborhood groups. This reduces work for community administrators and keeps the conversation on the list community focused.

In addition to the neighborhood list, JustMyNeighbors provides an address-specific, hyper-local mailing list that includes participants that live within 1,000 feet of that address. When this neighborhood circle is used it reduces noise on the larger neighborhood list, resulting in fewer and higher value messages for everyone.

JustMyNeighbors notifies participants of other groups active in their area. When you search JustMyNeighbors, it returns messages from people that live near you.

JustMyNeighbors has no outside investment, which may show in some lack of polish. It also shows by the total commitment to building neighborhood communities.