JustMyNeighbors: Hello neighbor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start a JustMyNeighbors group in my area?

YES! The first step is to join. You may discover that some of your neighbors are already participating. The next step is to get your neighbors to join. In my experience the best way to get your neighbors to join is to have a block or neighborhood event, serve some food, and walk around with a clipboard writing down each person's name, home address and email address. Then send the list to register@justmyneighbors.com.

I don't live in Oakland, can I use JustMyNeighbors?

YES! JustMyNeighbors works throughout the U.S. and I encourage you to join and bring your neighbors.

We already have a yahoo group or mailing list for our block.

Many blocks have established mailing lists. I believe this system is better. Are your backyard neighbors on your list? What about your neighbors around the corner? Because JustMyNeighbors uses distance these neighbors are included. And JustMyNeighbors is more than a mailing list. You can post local events and participate in special interests, like "gardening".

Are you trying to replace the large, district level mailing lists?

No. JustMyNeighbors is for block level communities. People that participate in JustMyNeighbors often participate in district level lists too.

Are you associated with http://justmyneighbour.com

No. The names of the sites are similar and people often mistake one for the other, but the companies are unrelated.

Can I send messages to just my block?

When you participate in JustMyNeighbors you are automatically connected to others near you. This usually includes your entire block and a few neighboring blocks.

The way to restrict messages to only people on your block is to create a JustMyNeighbors community for your block. JustMyNeighbors communities are topic specific lists and messages posted to a community are only viewable by that community.

If you set up your block as a community there will be two lists: the people on your block, and the people that live near you (which includes the people on your block). You can post messages to either list.

You may find that much of the communication that normally goes to your block is welcome in the neighborhood based on distance. When your pet is lost it doesn't know street boundaries. Crime issues are probably not block specific. And it's fun to invite people on neighboring streets to your block party.

I only want to exchange messages with the people on my block–can I turn off the neighborhood messages?

JustMyNeighbors is all about connecting you to people that live near you. If you don't want to communicate with nearby neighbors then the other list services may fit your needs better.

How do you make money?

There is no income from the service yet. If the service gets enough volume we will probably allow local businesses to advertise. There may be other ways to generate revenue in ways that are unobtrusive and respectful to the community spirit of the service.

For now expenses are low and the return is the satisfaction from people making connections in their communities.

JustMyNeighbors will always be a free service for residents.