JustMyNeighbors: Hello neighbor.


JustMyNeighbors Connects You With Your Neighbors

JustMyNeighbors is a free service that allows you to exchange messages and schedule events with people that live near you.

Think of it this way: Picture a map of your area. Imagine a circle on that map around your block and a block or two on each side with your house at the center of the circle. We call this "your circle." You can exchange messages with people inside your circle.

Every house has a different circle and your house is always at the center of your circle.

Other neighborhood systems have borders. If you live near one of the borders some of your neighbors will not be in your neighborhood system, because they are on the other side of its border.

JustMyNeighbors is different. Some people call it "neighbors without borders."


On JustMyNeighbors you communicate with your neighbors by posting messages or responding to messages posted by others. When you post a message it is automatically visible to your neighbors, and only your neighbors.

You are notified by email when there are new messages for you. You can choose to get an immediate email for each message posted or a daily summary of messages posted. In either case, you only get email when there are new messages for you.

What you and your neighbors discuss is up to you and your neighbors:

  • People often seek recommendations for local services like roofers and plumbers
  • Often people borrow ladders and battery chargers
  • Seems like a lot of cats are temporarily lost
  • Neighbors share information on police activity and crime
  • At certain times of the year people discuss their gardens


Events are simply messages with a date. Events are listed on the "Upcoming Events" calendar until after the date of the event.

Photos and Documents

You can share photos and documents by attaching them to your email message when you post a message.


Everyone in JustMyNeighbors is a member of their JustMyNeighbors circle. In addition you can join participant created topic groups, which we call "communities."

Communities allow people with similar interests to exchange messages. These messages are only seen by members of the community, keeping message traffic to a minimum for everyone else.

Hopefully JustMyNeighbors messages are relevant to you. The messages are from people that live near you or from people in a community that you elected to participate in.