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Privacy Policy

JustMyNeighbors is a Privacy First Service

In the JustMyNeighbors privacy policy, "the service" refers to the JustMyNeighbors website and emails and "we" refers to that service and the people who run the service.

We only collect the information needed to run the service. We collect your first name, street address and email address during registration.

We communicate with you via email. The service forwards messages from other participating neighbors to you via email and we send system notices via email.

We use your street address to find other participating neighbors living near you. We use the combination of your first name and street name as an alias for you on the website and in email messages.

We do not and will not publish or share your name, street address or email address with anyone. If we change this policy we will notify you prior to making any change and obtain your permission before sharing any of your information.

Cookies, Beacons and Logs

Like most web sites we use cookies to implement features of the site. Cookies help us to identify site visitors and participating neighbors. Participant-provided content is shared with participating neighbors while unidentified users are shown only public information about the service without participant-provided content.

We use email beacons to learn how people use email when interacting with the service so that we can monitor usage patterns and improve the service.

We keep logs of activity so that we can monitor and improve the service and to diagnose problems. Currently logs are kept for a few weeks. We do not share logs with anyone.

Messages Sent via JustMyNeighbors are Published

When you send a message via JustMyNeighbors it is published to participants who live near you, participants representing a business or enterprise near you or to participants in a topic based community.

Your message is available to current and future participating neighbors from that time forward.

Privacy Policy Updates

When we change the privacy policy we will update this web page:


This policy was updated May 19, 2014.

For questions or concerns please email support@justmyneighbors.com.